Excuses excuses…

Well I feel like a slacker.  And I know I shouldn’t; it hasn’t really even been that long since I’ve posted.  Nothing I did this weekend was even remotely slacker-esque.  I deep-cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, organized the bedroom, and vacuumed everything.  So logically, because it was such a productive weekend, I woke up on Monday morning at 3am and (to spare you the gory details) got sick.  To be exact, I woke up at 3am, was miserable, and didn’t actually get sick until after I got dressed and did my hair.  Yup.  Murphy’s law right there.  So back to bed I went.

Back to my incredibly productive weekend: I made ice cream!  Ha. It was more like a frozen vanilla custard with peaches in it.  The flavor was decent, but the texture was so incredibly wrong.  I’m not sure if it was because I tried to skirt the calories with low fat dairy products or if I just didn’t use my ice cream maker correctly.  Oh well, my pictures weren’t that great anyways.  So I will try again soon.  I promise that I will succeed at my ice cream ventures.  At one point.  Hopefully soon because Las Vegas is sweltering.

So to sum up this post, I have nothing to say, and nothing to show you.  Sorry.  But at least I’m back at work, in front of a computer, and I’m writing again.  I hope y’all had a productive weekend and hope you have an even better week!

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