I’m still here…

Dear friends, followers, and fellow bloggers,

I apologize for my absence.  A number of factors have contributed to the emptiness on my blog for over a month.  And I feel even worse that I left on such a somber note.  To say that I have had nothing to share isn’t true: plenty has been happening.  Let me give you the basics.

1. I’m doing more at work: there has been a major change of responsibilities at work that has given me a lot more to do during the work day.  I’m not often sitting here twiddling my thumbs anymore while editing blog entries.

2. My camera broke: Well, it didn’t really break as much as it just needs a major cleaning overhaul.  It also has developed blaring, and random, hot pixels that I have talked to Canon about.  I have been meaning to send it in, but haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

3. There have been family matters: And these I won’t get into, but family wins over blog any day.

4. I have been uninspired: Does this count as a factor? Of course it does! We all know how the writing block…recipe block, photo block… can kick in and it seems impossible to get anything creatively worthwhile out of your empty brain.

Of course I have still been cooking: At least 4 nights a week.

And of course I have taken photos: But I haven’t been really proud of any.

So what am I going to do to get myself out of this funk??

First of all, I am going to try to relax.  I recently realized that the only time I ever have to myself is the 30 minute commute to work and the 30 minute commute home each weekday.  So I am going to try to take some time for myself.

Second, I need to set clearly defined goals.  I’m talking about career goals, artistic goals, personal-health-and-fitness goals, and D.I.Y.-around-the-apartment goals and   I have a habit of starting too many projects and having too many plans all at once and then one morning I’ll wake up and the card tower I have built with all my ideas comes crashing down and I’m left in a heap of overwhelming emotions. Dramatic much? Maybe, but it’s the truth.

And third, I need to get out there and start taking pictures again.  This sounds like such a simple task, but I haven’t had a lot of free time lately, so I actually need to allocate time specifically to go and shoot.  120 film, pinhole, digital, it doesn’t matter.  I just need to start taking pictures.

And I’ve decided that I am going to start posting the photos on here. Recipe. Recipe. Random Photo Series. Recipe.  We’ll see how it goes.

But first thing I need to do is send my camera in to get fixed.  So bear with me (and the silence) until I get it back.






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