Hello.  My name is Sarah.  What are we ever supposed to put on an “About” page?  There is so much about be that you will find out over time, but I’ll give you a list of ten things.  Does that sound reasonable?

1. I am a 23 year old femalenot what you expected? Ok fine… My father is Filipino and my mother is part German and part English…better?

2. I graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in Photographythere I took classes in every aspect of the art world from painting to metal working to glass fusing, and like any other artist, I love to talk about it…so talk away

3. I recently moved to Las Vegas, NVbefore that, I grew up in North Bay, CA, went to school in Arlington, TX, and lived in Denver, CO for a couple years.

4. I love to cook and bakebut I really love to eat.

5. I love dogs.  And reptiles.  And chickens.  I have a schnauzer mix named Jack, a bearded dragon named Baz, and I used to have a chicken named Sophie.

6. My favorite color is orangesomeone told me recently that they had never known someone who owned up to loving the color orange.  And you know I’m not lying because my Kitchen Aid stand mixer is tangerine

7. I am not a picky person…I am the kind of person that will try everything at least once (within reason of course) and when it comes to food, there are very few things that I don’t like.

8. I am incredibly close with my familythis might seem like a “well duh”, but I’m the person that calls my mom every day on the way home from work, and since I’ve moved close to my parents, I have dinner with them at least once a week.

9. I am damagedor at least that’s what my ex husband told me.  I have loads of baggage…I’m talking freight-train-style-baggage.  But that also means I have lots of stories, and I’m in a lot better place than I used to be so I promise I won’t randomly freak out on you if you broach a touchy subject.

10. I am a Photographer… I feel like saying that I am an aspiring photographer is a way to cop out on being the best I can possibly be.  I would not, however, say that I am a cook.  I can cook, but you won’t see me on the food network anytime soon.

Ten things! There you go.  If you would like to know anything else, you’re going to have to be a bit more specific.


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