Fresh Heirloom Carrot Salad

After seeing these beautiful carrots at the farmer’s market, I just knew I had to do something great with them.  As much as I love the richness of roasted carrots and potatoes, when it is 110 degrees outside, turning the oven on seems entirely unnecessary.  With that in mind, I stumbled across a post from a fellow blogger who used the raw carrots to make a simple and refreshing salad.  What a great idea! It’s quick and easy and can really be served as a side dish for any meal.  While the assorted colors of the carrots really jazz up the dish’s appearance, if you cannot get the heirloom carrots, this will be just as tasty with normal carrots.  Enjoy!




Fresh Heirloom Carrot Salad

inspired by fellow blogger Foody Floozy

4 medium heirloom carrots

2 cloves garlic, finely chopped

small handful of fresh parsley (I prefer curly, but flat would work just as well)

juice of one lemon

1 Tbl olive oil

salt and pepper, to taste

1. Add garlic, lemon, olive oil and parsley to a salad bowl and whisk together.  You could easily make this simple dressing ahead of time as the flavors would only get better while sitting overnight in the fridge.  If you do make the dressing ahead of time, be sure not to add the parsley until you are nearly ready to serve.

2. Using a vegetable peeler, shave the carrots into ribbons.  The easiest way to do this is to lay the carrot flat and run the peeler along the length of the carrot.  You may easily alter the thickness of the ribbon by varying the pressure you put on the peeler.

3. Toss the carrots in the bowl with the dressing and add any extra salt and pepper as needed.


carrot salad


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